Laser pierce control now standard on cutting machines

April 8, 2004

TRUMPF's pierce control system (PCS) now is a standard feature on the company's TC L 3030 and TC L 4030 laser cutting machines.

The system continuously monitors and adjusts pierce parameters in real-time to reduce pierce time and improve pierce hole quality, making smaller laser-cut holes possible, the company says. It also eliminates the need for pierce dwell times.

Using a combination of new beam delivery hardware and machine control software, the system is designed to deliver soft-pierce quality at quick-pierce speeds, the company reports. It is most effective on 1/8-in. and thicker materials, on which shorter pierce times could negatively affect pierce quality.

The system also is a standard feature on the company's TC L 3050 and TC L 4050 5,000-W laser cutting machines.

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