Laser system combines fiber technology with 12,000-IPM linear-motor axis drives

April 18, 2011

Cincinnati Incorporated has expanded its laser cutting product line with the CL-900 series fiber laser cutting system. It combines fiber laser technology with 12,000-IPM linear-motor axis drives to cut mild steel two to three times faster than conventional lasers, according to the manufacturer.

The solid-state fiber laser eliminates the need for laser gas, internal optics, glassware, blowers, and vacuum pumps. The beam is delivered via a flexible glass fiber, so no external mirrors, bellows, and beam purge gas are required.

Power efficiency is greater than 30 percent. The laser is suitable for high-volume cutting of intricate shapes and part designs.

The system is available with bed sizes of 5 by 10 ft. and 6 by 12 ft. The PC-based HMI control comes standard with the company’s programming and nesting software, and a Web cam is available for monitoring of the cutting process.

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