Laser system processes large-volume 3-D components

April 22, 2014

Prima Power Laserdyne offers the Laserdyne 795 system for drilling, cutting, and welding of medium- to large-volume 3-D components with a minimum of setups. Employing a moving-beam motion system, the multiaxis laser is designed for flexibility of motion and tight tolerances.

The third-generation BD3 BeamDirector has the manufacturer’s exclusive contouring head design with C (rotary) axis travel of 900 degrees and D (tilt) axis travel of 300 degrees. New features include higher assist-gas pressures, enhanced optical encoders, an adjustable mirror design for beam alignment, and cassette-mounted lens and cover slides.

The system’s S94P control includes Automatic Focus Control™, patented Optical Focus Control (OFC), Drill At Focus™, Hole Diameter Compensation™, ShapeSoft™, and Breakthrough Detection™.

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