Linear laser cutting system with 4-kW laser source processes 1-in.-thick mild steel

November 30, 2012

LVD Strippit offers the Axel 3015 S Linear laser cutting system for processing thin and thick materials. A safety system protects the head from collision with the workpiece.

A high-pressure (clean cut) cutting head is available for 5-, 7.5-, or 10-in. cutting lenses. With a 10-in. cutting lens, the machine processes 0.75-in. mild steel at 40 IPM and 0.375-in. mild steel at 80 IPM. With the 10-in. cutting lens and a 4-kW laser source, it can process 1-in. mild steel.

The laser source, CNC, and servomotors are integrated and interfaced as a complete system. The monoframe design incorporates high-precision, hardened guideways and optimal drive systems to achieve high-speed acceleration and positioning. Rigid frame construction helps minimize deformation caused by high acceleration.

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