Oil-free liquid prevents slag buildup

May 22, 2013

Oil-free liquid prevents slag buildup - TheFabricator.com

Tower Oil & Technology Co. offers Kleneslat-RP. The synthetic, oil-free, nonflammable, nontoxic liquid prevents hot slag and splatter from sticking to support slats and workpieces during laser, plasma, or flame cutting operations.

When sprayed or painted lightly onto laser slats and areas where laser slag buildup is a concern, the product helps simplify the slag removal, reduce downtime, and maximize equipment efficiency, according to the manufacturer. The liquid does not contain silicones or ozone-depleting chemicals.

The product does not inhibit secondary operations such as welding, painting, or galvanizing, and its ingredients do not cause hazardous fumes or discomfort to operators and surrounding workers.

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