PE films protect metal surfaces during laser cutting

August 16, 2012

PE films protect metal surfaces during laser cutting -

American Biltrite Inc. has added LaserRite™ 8695 and 8696 products to its ProtecRite® family of products. The solvent-rubber, white, PE films are designed to protect metal surfaces during laser cutting and over the course of the supply chain.

No film vaporization is required — just setup and a one-step cutting process. Downtime caused by film blow-up is eliminated, according to the company.

The films can be used on a variety of stainless steel grades and finishes. The white film construction combined with a custom-formulated, rubber-based adhesive system offers clean, stain-free removal of the film after processing or on delivery to the final customer.

The 8695 low-tack film is printed in red and offers an easier release from thin-gauge steel and parts with large surface areas. The 8696 high-tack film is printed in blue and designed for use with higher-wattage machines and heavier-gauge stainless requiring greater blow-up resistance.

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