Portable rotary fiber laser marking system introduced

February 12, 2008

Lasit USA says its new RotoTab® is the first compact, desktop, rotary-dial table fiber laser marking system. The fully enclosed, Class 1 system comes with a fiber laser; a galvo scan head; a computer; and FlyX® and FlyCad® software that supports both vector and raster engraving of graphics, logos, alphanumerics, bar codes, 2-D data matrix, and serialized numbers on metals. The software includes diagnostic capability for remote troubleshooting.

The rotary system provides a pneumatic index table with two marking positions and a 400-mm plate. According to the company, the fully air-cooled system requires minimal maintenance. It has a low-voltage power source with increased power efficiency up to 50 percent. A compact footprint adds portability. The marking system is semiautomated and designed for harsh industrial environments.

Instant alignment with the use of a joystick simplifies positioning and speeds focusing. A 25-mm stainless steel cable creates a jacket for the fiber cables; this eliminates the risk of accidental breakage of the fiber and supplies protection against electromagnetic interferences, reports the company.

The system is available with a full range of lasers, including fiber, vanadate, CO2, and green. Spot sizes can be customized for different applications. The smallest spot provides micromachining capability of alphanumerics on parts the size of an eyeglass or a medical implant screw.

The system is suitable for engraving and marking coated and uncoated materials such as brass, titanium, stainless steel, chrome, carbide, nickel, aluminum, and other materials. Applications include military and defense, aerospace, automotive, medical, tooling, and textiles.