Production series fiber laser cutting system introduced

November 29, 2010

Production series fiber laser cutting system introduced -

The BySprint Fiber 3015 from Bystronic is a high-power fiber laser cutting machine based on the BySprint Pro platform and the concept ByVention fiber laser machine.

The machine is the company's first production series model of a laser cutting system that employs fiber-laser technology. Equipped with a 2-kW Fiber 2000 fiber laser, the machine can cut thin sheets of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and nonferrous metals, such as copper and brass, up to 0.160 in. thick, as well as sheet materials as thick as 0.500 in.

The laser beam is transported to the cutting head through a passive fiber. The cutting head is available in several configurations, with focal lengths of 3.94 and 5.91 in. Both the laser source and the chiller are integrated into the equipment control console, eliminating the need for additional floor space.

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