Small-footprint laser cutting machine handles standard-size sheets

December 12, 2006

The ByVention laser cutting machine from Bystronic Inc., featuring a 20- by 20-ft. footprint, handles standard-size metal sheets.

The control cabinet and the laser source are integrated into the machine frame to form a single unit. The cooling unit and dust collector are also combined. Because of its integrated safety system, the operating area is accessible without the need for light curtains.

The system is equipped with a material flow concept that makes cut parts available instantly to the user. It also helps to ensure flexibility when using various material sizes and partially used sheets. Cut parts are continuously and automatically transported from the cutting area and are available immediately to the user, even during the cutting process.

The cutting area is reached from the front via a large sliding door, eliminating the need for a shuttle table and making it suitable for use with various standard-size metal sheet formats up to 5 by 10 ft.

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