Tool aids alignment of multimode fibers used with lasers

February 17, 2014

FiberTool™ from Laser Mechanisms Inc. is a patent-pending device that aids in the alignment of standard multimode fibers used with Nd:YAG, fiber, and disk lasers. It produces a real-time output signal to the user that is a gauge of the alignment quality of the laser energy into the fiber optic’s core.

According to the manufacturer, the unit is the only true, real-time measure of laser energy outside the fiber core, allowing the laser operator to adjust the fiber launch system while monitoring this signal until a minimum reading is attained.

The tool can be used to ensure proper fiber alignment and monitor the condition of the laser launch system any time a fiber is removed and a new fiber is connected to the laser source. It can be used with all standard fiber connectors, such as QBH, QD, HLC-8, LCA, LLK-D, and LLK-B.

The unit can be mounted or directed into a beam dump or any other power monitoring device rated for the laser’s output power.

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