Universal laser processing cell ships as complete module

December 11, 2007

The Flex Lase universal laser processing cell from Wayne Trail Technologies includes fiber laser technology, robot-based process articulation, and various fixture and tooling options. Fully automatic coupling and decoupling of multiple laser processing heads allows operators to change quickly between laser cutting and laser welding modes—including robot/remote welding. Non-laser-based, end-of-arm robot attachments can be used within the system for inspection, marking, material handling, and other postprocess operations.

The cell features a one-piece, unitized base and enclosure construction—CDRH Class 1-rated—with onboard electrical and pneumatic controls, work area lighting, an access door, fume evacuation, and filtration.

The self-contained design ships as a complete module. Fixturing, loading, and unloading options are available. In addition, process development and robot programming can be done before shipment or at the user's facility, and by the user's engineering and manufacturing teams or assisted by Wayne Trail's technical support.

The system weighs about 13,000 lbs. and measures 168 in. by 120 in. by 126 in. It includes a six-axis robot with an automatic tool coupler, laser cutting and welding heads with storage stands, a fixture base with integral fume ducting, a service-access door, a laser cutting head controller, and a cable management system. Optional arrangements include a roll-up door for full fixture access, a slide door with dual shuttles, a turntable with a slide door, and a turntable with an integral door.

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