Waterjet system works with laser, robotic, oxyfuel, and plasma cutters

January 10, 2006

The M-Series of waterjets from WARDJet Inc. enables operators to use a laser, robotic arm, oxyfuel cutter, or plasma cutter as a waterjet and drive the intensifier off compressed air in the shop.

A tent specifically designed and built to contain all the abrasive and water inside the tank makes it possible to keep all waterjets compact and self contained. A self-flushing system removes the water, abrasive, and any kerf material from inside the tank for disposal.

Tanks come with a 3.5-, 5-, or 8-in. deep layer of balls to match the user's cutting needs. Different sized tanks are available for various machine sizes. The waterjets are stand-alone units that require no new controllers or programming.

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