8 kW disk laser introduced

January 9, 2007

TRUMPF has introduced an 8 kW disk laser. The TruDisk 8002 can process almost any material, including highly reflective materials like copper or aluminum.

The company reports that the laser can weld 10 millimeters deep in construction steel with a welding speed of one meter per minute. At a welding speed of 20 meters per minute, it welds three millimeters deep.

The laser is especially suited for challenging welding tasks on thick sheet metal, such as construction equipment and ship building.

The cooling unit and beam switches are integrated in the compact laser. The laser exhibits no thermal lens effect, which makes the beam source insensitive to adjustments. With up to six fiber outputs standard, the flexible, modular system allows for easy component exchange.

The space in the laser where the fiber optic cables are connected is separated from the optics enclosure by a sealed partition. The laser does not need to be switched off to insert or remove a laser light cable, allowing the laser power to be delivered through other light cables.

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