Buildup laser welding workstation offered

July 11, 2006

TRUMPF offers the PowerWeld multiflex laser workstation for buildup welding on large workpieces.

The system is based on a Cartesian machine with a range of 39.37 in. in all three axes. The large stroke of the axes, combined with the flexible adjustability of the welding head, allows for the processing of tools of almost any size and geometry.

Buildup laser welding is an alternative to tool alteration or rebuild. The laser machine brings tools back into shape and is suitable for applications ranging from tool repair to design adaptations and buildup of complex contours.

The system features a teach function that adapts the movement of the axes to the needs of the welding area. Movement of the welding optics along the defined working plane is controlled by the user via a joystick. When several parts have to be welded in the same manner, the system is programmable using spline functions. The welding head is mounted at one end of the Y axis and can be tilted in two planes.

A camera with a flat panel display or a stereo microscope is available for observation of the welding process. Other optional equipment includes a controlled rotary axis and a welding bench with a rotating plate.

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