Cross-jet design prevents sparks from contaminating focusing lens cover slide

July 8, 2014

Prima Power Laserdyne has developed a new focusing lens assembly with a cross-jet design that maintains the compact profile of the third-generation BeamDirector®, called BD3Y. The cross-jet feature provides a high-velocity gas barrier that prevents metal sparks in the weld zone from contaminating the protective lens cover slide.

Critical to this design is that the cross-jet prevents contamination or interference with the welding shield gas. In addition, the cross-jet nozzle can be used with all of the company’s shield gas delivery devices, including welding shoe and coaxial gas nozzle tip.

The shielding gas shoe provides a controlled atmosphere for the weld zone while it is molten and cooling to a temperature level that won’t be compromised by the ambient atmosphere. This is important when welding materials such as titanium alloys, which have a strong affinity for oxygen and nitrogen in the ambient atmosphere.

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