Lasers designed for thin-gauge metal welding

May 14, 2013

Lasers designed for thin-gauge metal welding -

TRUMPF Inc. has introduced the 150-W TruDiode 151 and 300-W TruDiode 301 lasers. Smaller than previous Trudiode lasers, they are suitable for thin-gauge metal welding.

Wavelength is between 920 and 970 nm with CW or modulated CW up to 3 kHz. Both lasers feature a 150-μm core diameter LLK, but are available with LLK core diameters of up to 600 μm. A two-output external beam switch with a single safety circuit is optional. A 19-in. rack-mount laser unit or 19-in. rack cabinet with central power distribution and self-contained chiller are available.

The lasers are produced with the integrated TruControl 1000, which offers a simple operator interface to control power levels, pulse shapes, PFO, and the dual-channel E-stop circuit.

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