Pulsed laser system introduced

November 7, 2006

TRUMPF Inc. has introduced the TruPulse laser system.

The machine features a pulsed Nd: YAG laser and a burst function that allows the average power to be briefly exceeded, increasing pulse frequency. Quasi-continuous seam welds are possible with long pulses up to 50 ms. This enables a closed circular seam to be welded with a single pulse by moving the component under the focusing optics.

The maximum mean power and pulse energy, focusability, and beam quality can be adjusted depending on the requirements of the application area. A removable touchscreen control panel with turn/push knob is a new feature to simplify setting output parameters.

Power ranges from 20 to 150 W at a maximum pulse power up to 10 kW. Within this range, beam qualities of 4 to 25 mm mrad are possible. Lasers can be supplied with an air-cooled chiller or water/water heat exchanger.

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