Robot designed for laser, laser hybrid welding

February 13, 2013

Reis Robotics has introduced the RV60-26-FT robot for laser welding and laser hybrid welding. Integrated laser beam guidance and MWO54 laser optics allow users to transfer fiber, disk, and diode lasers up to 16-kW laser capacity. The focal point diameter can be set via the robot control, allowing for deep welding and heat conduction welding. The integrated cable channel in the upper arm of the robot structure ensures the system’s 3-D mobility, the manufacturer states.

For laser hybrid welding, depending on the design, the robot includes sensors that can be guided via the sixth robot axis without additional adjusting axes.

The system is suitable for applications in the rail vehicle, container, heavy construction, building construction, and automotive industries. Welding of crane jibs, side walls for railway wagons, and bumpers for vehicles is possible.