Weld tracking laser camera developed for same material thickness butt welding

February 10, 2009

The Quanta from Servo-Robot is a high-resolution laser camera for butt welding applications, including same material thickness. It is designed for welding processes such as laser, GTAW, and plasma welding.

The camera is a module in the company's modular DIGI-LAS/MDL laser welding system, which includes automatic joint tracking, joint inspection, and inline quality control functions. A patented error compensation package allows the system to be mounted on robots or special-purpose welding machines for high-speed welding with no defects, despite joint imprecision and positioning error, the company states. Expensive tooling is not required for linear or curvilinear seam welding of blanks or other metallic components, according to the manufacturer.The laser camera features a 2-D video viewing system with its own welding area lighting for remote monitoring of the process by the operator and for calibration purposes.

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