App provides customized, scheduled maintenance reminders for CNC machines

September 11, 2013

Okuma America Corp. has released a new app that displays scheduled maintenance and inspection reminders. Depending on the particular maintenance that needs to be performed, service recommendations can be displayed on a daily basis or intermittently throughout the life of the Okuma CNC machine tool directly on the CNC without interrupting programming.

The app appears automatically on the CNC when maintenance is needed, based on the machine’s requirements. It shows all of the maintenance tasks set for that specific machine by the manufacturer’s software department. If tasks cannot be completed that particular day, the user has the option to choose when to receive the next reminder or can dismiss the warning.

Users also can opt for customized, periodic maintenance reminders that the operator selects upon installation. Daily reminders include routine checks for chuck/tailstock pressure and coolant/oil levels.

The app is available for CNC lathes, multifunction machines, and machining centers equipped with the Okuma THINC® OSP- P200 or 300 CNC.