Boundary lubricant prevents metal-to-metal contact in high-load, slow-speed conditions

September 19, 2013

Dillon Mfg. Inc. has introduced HPG500 boundary lubricant that prevents metal-to-metal contact under high-load and slow-speed conditions for high-end manual chucks or power chucks.

The NLDI Grade 2 lubricating grease has a water washout rating of less than 3 percent, making it one of the most water-resistant products available, according to the manufacturer. The chuck lubricating grease handles high loads and provides long-term corrosion protection under hostile conditions.

The environmentally friendly formulation contains no heavy metals or compounds containing antimony, barium, lead, chlorine, phenols, or phosphorus. The lithium-free formula does not react negatively when contacting the water contained in water-based coolants.