Ceramic end mills machine nickel-based, high-temp alloys

May 19, 2013

Ceramic end mills machine nickel-based, high-temp alloys - TheFabricator.com

Kennametal has introduced Beyond KYS40™ solid ceramic end mills, designed to machine high-strength, nickel-based alloys. The SiAlON ceramic grade offers high heat resistance and strong cutting edges (negative rake). The end mills provide roughing at cutting speeds up to 3,300 SFM with tool life two to three times longer than comparable solid-carbide tools, according to the manufacturer.

A 6-fluted version is available for face milling and profiling. A 4-fluted, necked version is suitable for slot milling and pocketing. Both allow ramping, helical interpolation, and trochoidal machining strategies. Both feature an enlarged core that helps improve tool rigidity and reduce deflection at high cutting speeds.

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