Contouring head allows machining of complex features in one setup

January 23, 2013

MAG has introduced an integrated contouring head for its horizontal boring mills in 49.1- and 63-in. table/pallet sizes and live-spindle HMCs in 31.5- to 63-in. pallet size.

The new contouring head has a standard tool interface, and it loads tools via the machine's automatic tool changer. The contouring spindle's U-axis slide stroke allows production of small-or large-diameter features without head changing or manual intervention. Complex features can be machined in one setup with reduced cycle time and labor, the manufacturer states.

The contouring head can produce features such as bottle bores, valve seats, seal faces, phonographic sealing surfaces, O-ring grooves, straight/tapered threads, chamfers, and external profiles. It is suitable for single-setup, rough, and finish machining of oil and gas parts or any large part that combines bored, milled, and turned features.