Conventional lathe incorporates CNC lathe components

February 20, 2013

Knuth Machine Tools offers the Servoturn 410 turning machine, which operates like a conventional lathe but incorporates incrementally implemented CNC elements. The machine provides the features that skilled workers want from a conventional lathe while eliminating tedious tasks and simplifying others.

The tool slide's compound rest features linear roller bearings (profile rail guides and recirculating ball shoes) for high loads and torques. This helps ensure precise guidance of the turning tool at minimum wear. The tailstock features the same type of bearing.

The feed is controlled via a preloaded ball screw and driven by a servomotor. The mechanical gears have been replaced with an electronic combination circuit, consisting of an encoder inside the headstock for high-resolution spindle rotation and a microcontroller that ensures micrometer precision in the output of feed increments to the motor amplifier. An electronic hand wheel provides manual motion control of the tool slide and helps ensure positioning accuracy.

The tool slide feed axis is driven by a servomotor and a preloaded ball screw that moves in unison with the rotation of a second electronic hand wheel. Both hand wheels are designed and mounted the same way as in classical conventional lathes.

Together these features deliver precise tool positioning and minimum backlash while eliminating stick-slip effects.

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