Flex-shaft machining units handle any part size

January 20, 2014

Flex shaft machining

Suhner Industrial Products Corp. offers single-tool Multi-Master flex-shaft machining units. These compact, self-contained, modular units can be positioned in any direction around a workpiece. In most cases, all operations can be performed in one cycle, reducing the overall machining cycle time.

Since all tooling modules work simultaneously, the cycle time is determined by the longest single machining operation and not the addition of all the tools working together. With this arrangement, there are almost no limitations to part size and the number of tools that are engaged at the same time.

The company offers a spindle program, with optional feed systems (pneumatic, hydraulic, and CNC) available in a quill feed or slide and spindle design. Solid-carbide tools permit cutting speeds up to 984.25 FPM in aluminum, at feed rates of 0.02 in./rev.