Indexable milling inserts feature 12 cutting edges

December 13, 2012

Indexable milling inserts feature 12 cutting edges -

Kennametal has introduced the new Rodeka™ series of inserts for indexable milling. The double-sided inserts feature 12 cutting edges. An antirotation feature helps provide stability for higher feed rates and cutting forces with an insert in the pocket.

Three variable topography styles are available with cutting edges that can cover any type of component and application. This design helps achieve low cutting forces while consuming less power, according to the manufacturer. The high clearance of the bodies permits pocketing, profiling, and five-axis machining.

The LD topography style insert has a honed edge for light to medium machining of stainless steel and titanium. The GD style insert for medium to heavy machining has a 10-degree positive T-land and hone for general-purpose applications. The HD inserts are designed with a 0-degree T-land and hone for heavy machining tasks and cast-iron materials.

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