Laser system machines formed metal parts

August 7, 2013

Prima Power Laserdyne has introduced the new Laserdyne 430 series of laser systems for cutting, welding, and drilling of 2-D and 3-D drawn, thermoformed, hydroformed, punched, stamped, and spun metal parts.

The new laser system can integrate the manufacturer's BeamDirector® motion and process control capabilities in a space-efficient platform coupled with a fiber laser. The system can drill shaped holes and weld a variety of materials, from copper to stainless steel and titanium.

The contouring head provides C (rotary) axis motion of 900 degrees and D (tilt) axis motion of 300 degrees. This positioning capability with rotary table enables 6-axis machining.

The SP94P control includes Automatic Focus Control™ for capacitive part sensing, patented optical focus control (OFC) for sensing of thermal barrier-coated surfaces, ShapeSoft™ software for programming shaped holes, BreakThrough Detection™ for drilling holes with the minimum number of pulses, and mapping. The control also allows users to employ programs created for different Laserdyne systems with little or no modification.

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