Machining center processes tube in three stages

June 27, 2012

Machining center processes tube in three stages -

BLM Group USA offers the EM80 combined automatic sawing and end machining center for the cutting, chamfering, facing, boring, threading, and profiling of tube.

The machine operates in several stages or stations. The first cuts the tube or bar to length; the second performs turning operations such as roughing and finishing; and the third stage bores, taps, and measures the tube with part washing in between.

The bundle loader handles up to 3.9 tons and can be loaded at any time during the operation. A conveyor brings the parts toward a two-position chute to allow the parts to be dropped into the appropriate bin. The conveyor also handles chip removal.

The machine processes tube diameters from 0.39 to 3.15 in. with wall thickness from 0.03 to 0.47 in., as well as solid bar from 0.39 to 2.36 in. in lengths from 8.2 to 393.7 ft. The blade cuts at speeds of 65.6 to 1,476.4 FPM.

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