Multi-Surface Grinder

March 1, 2009

Bryant Grinder, a division of Vermont Machine Tool Corporation, has introduced a new modular multi-surface grinding machine with extended flexibility to grind complex workpieces.

The machine, designated as LL2U-MS (Universal-Multi-Surface), can be configured as a chucker, shoe type centerless, roll type centerless and center type work (between centers). The machine has 10" of Z-axis travel, 10" of X-axis travel and an optional U-axis, also with 10" of travel.

All linear axes use the Bryant round hydrostatic way system with 300 degrees of bearing wrap to ensure accurate tracking in all degrees of freedom.

Configured as a chucker, the machine can swing up to 14" diameter over the table, as a center type, 4.0" diameter by 10" long with a hydraulic tailstock and live centers. The center type configuration may also be outfitted with a chuck and a C-axis to grind OD non-round workpieces. Workpieces up to 6" diameter can be ground in shoes (hydrostatic shoes are available for special applications). The machine, as standard, will allow plus or minus 5 degrees of taper adjustment, configured with the optional B-axis, plus or minus 45 degrees is available.

Linear glass scales provide position feedback with resolution of 0.000004" on all linear axes.

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