Vertical machining center provides flexibility for aerospace machining

July 9, 2012

Makino has introduced the D300 five-axis vertical machining center, designed for small, complex, 3-D contouring of parts in aerospace machining, medical manufacturing, high-end job shop, and die/mold applications.

The worktable offers a work area diameter of 11.81 in., accommodating workpiece sizes up to 17.72 by 10.63 in. and 264.5 lbs. The machine provides X-, Y-, and Z-axis travels of 11.81, 19.69, and 13.78 in., respectively, at feed rates of up to 196.85 FPM. Rotary table axes offer rotational motion of 240 degrees (± 120 degrees) on the A axis and a full 360-degree (continuous rotation) on the C axis.

The machine comes with a 15,000-RPM HSK-A63 spindle with 120 Nm (42 Nm continuous) of torque for high-speed machining of various workpiece materials including steel, aluminum, and titanium. Optional spindle configurations include a 20,000-RPM HSK-A63 spindle and 30,000-RPM HSK-F63 spindle.