Vertical machining center's control indicates needed adjustments

January 8, 2013

Vertical machining center's control indicates needed adjustments -

Methods Machine Tools Inc. has introduced the FANUC D21 RoboDrill vertical machining center. Its 31iB control features high-speed processing and streamlined electronics to reduce the number of components and provide an ergonomic display. It allows users to analyze systems on the drill and receive notifications if any of the drives or electronics requires adjustment.

The machines are available in small, medium, and large models. They offer a 14-tool or 21-tool changer, torque to 56 ft.-lbs., rigid tapping to 5,000 RPM (8,000 RPM optional), accelerations (in X, Y, and Z axes) to 1.5 G, rapid traverses to 2,125 IPM, feed rates to 1,181 IPM (2,362 IPM optional), high-speed reverse tapping, thread milling, 1,000 registerable programs, and 54 work offsets. Spindle speed is 10,000 to 24,000 RPM with the option to use tool-changeable air spindles of up to 90,000 RPM.

The drilling machines can be configured for three- to five-axis applications with fully integrated automation and pallet changes.

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