Vertical turning lathe machines large, heavy parts

March 19, 2013

Vertical turning lathe machines large, heavy parts -

Methods Machine Tools Inc. has introduced the new Feeler FVT-600 vertical turning lathe, suitable for machining large, heavy parts such as those used in the aerospace and power generation industries. To automate processes for high-volume production applications, the machine is available in left-side and right-side versions, allowing automation to be stationed between two lathes.

Precision ball screws are coupled with AC servomotors to help minimize thermal deformation and vibration and increase positioning accuracy, the company reports. The high-rigidity spindle is supported by two double-row cylindrical roller bearings and duplex angular thrust bearings, enabling the lathe to endure heavy cutting in both radial and axial directions. Coolant flushes chips to an extra-wide conveyor for evacuation.

The machine features a 12-position turret, with 12-in. X-axis travel and 25.6-in. Z-axis travel. Spindle speeds are from 50 to 2,000 RPM on a standard chuck size of 15 in. and optional sizes of 18, 21, and 24 in., providing a metal removal rate of 78.7 FPM.

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