3,000-lb.-capacity lifter transports, positions loads

July 13, 2004

Presto Lifts Inc. has introduced a new skid lifter. Designed to pick up a load on a skid or open-bottom pallet, the Presto Skid Lifter can transport the load to a workplace and then raise it to a convenient working height. It is suitable for feeding presses, binders, cutters, conveyors, and other production machines.

The lifter has a 3,000-lb. capacity and a raised height of up to 32 in. Lift is achieved by a two-speed manual pump. For loads less than 600 lbs., the unit automatically goes into "quick lift" mode so the forks can be raised the full 32 in. in 18 strokes of the ergonomically designed steer handle. For heavier loads, the unit shifts to "ergo lift" mode, raising the forks to full height in 55 strokes. Automatic load stabilizers prevent the unit from being moved when the load is raised. Standard forks are 45 in. long with an outside dimension of 27 in. or 20.5 in.

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