Automatic load/unload storage system is adaptable

May 12, 2009

TruStore and LiftMaster Cart, a new storage system with automatic loading and unloading by TRUMPF, has a compact footprint. The shelves can be accessed at any time and additional modules can be added, allowing the system to be adapted to changing business conditions.

The basic version of the TruStore 3130 consists of a storage module with up to 15 storage compartments in the first tower, 21 pallets in the second tower, and a manual storage and retrieval station with an integrated unpacking station. It is designed for sheet metal up to 5 by 10 ft.

The system can be used as a stand-alone unit, or the LiftMaster Cart can be added and shared by up to two TruLaser machines. Other automation units also can be connected to it. The two-tower storage option can reach a height of up to 21 ft. in a production facility.

A system pallet with raw material is pulled out of the storage tower. The suction frame lowers to the raw material and removes one single sheet from the stack. The suction frame from the cart travels to the pallet changer of the laser machine to unload the unprocessed sheet and bring it into the machine for processing.

During processing in the machine, the cart retrieves the next unprocessed sheet from the storage tower for the second pallet. When the first sheet is complete, the pallet changer exchanges sheets. The machine processes the second sheet while the cart unloads the finished part. The cycle then starts again with the unprocessed sheet for that empty pallet.

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