Bar cradle trucks have up to 10,000-lb. capacity

June 13, 2006

Newly designed bar cradle trucks from The Durham Mfg. Co. offer 25 percent more cradle space with 4,000- and 10,000-lb. weight capacities for storage and movement of heavy pipe, tubing, and barstock.

Eight models are available with lengths from 5 to 12 ft. All models are 28 in. wide and have three, four, or five cradles, according to the length. All are elevated to accommodate forklift loading.

The 4,000-lb. model has 3-in. C-channel frames with 10- by 2.5-in. center phenolic load wheels and two 6- by 2-in. phenolic bolt-on swivel casters. The 10,000-lb. model has 4-in. C-channel frames, 12- by 3.5-in. load wheels, and 8- by 2.5-in. phenolic bolt-on swivel casters.