Bidirectional AGV transports unpackaged automotive parts

July 19, 2012

Bidirectional AGV transports unpackaged automotive parts -

Creform Corp. has designed and built a series of AGV carts to meet the needs of an automotive manufacturer for moving unpackaged parts and components from one department to another. The traverse covers more than 950 ft. while handling parts without damage, battery maintenance, or human interface.

At the heart of each vehicle is the company's AGV split-drive, bidirectional, bolt-on drive unit, with each end following a magnetic tape guidepath independently to help ensure accurate and repeatable tracking in space-restricted areas. The drives are powered by two 12-V AGM batteries and respond to floor-positioned RFID tags for speed control and obstacle-sensor views. An optical communication control system between the drives and stationary devices controls an opportunity charging station and powered conveyor load/unload transfers.

Each cart has a total weight capacity of 1,460 lbs. and a maximum travel speed of 164.04 FPM. It stops automatically and has a Category-2 safety rating that includes a safety circuit to cut power if needed, an audible warning device, a flashing light, laser scanners, and e-stops.