Compensator designed for suction cup lifting devices

September 13, 2005

Piab's LC30 level compensator adjusts level differences in lifting devices that are fitted with several suction cups. Intended for material handling applications that require a high degree of automation, such as palletizing packages, erecting cartons, and handling automotive sheet metal, the device reduces the demand for exact vertical positioning and helps to ensure production consistency.

The stainless steel device features a conical spring that can be fully compressed and allows for low building height and high longevity. It rests in a polyurethane bushing that improves damping and allows shock loads at full stroke. In addition to its 30-mm stroke, the device can be adjusted up to 12 mm in height and rotated through 360 degrees.

Designed for gripper-mounted suction cups on aluminum profiles, the device mounts directly in the aluminum profile's groove and is fixed in place quickly with a hexagonal screw and T nut. It integrates into the company's vacuum products.