Conveyors feature ceramic magnets

July 10, 2007

Eriez® Chip and Parts Conveyors move and elevate ferrous materials such as chips, turnings, small parts, and stampings. With the exception of an externally mounted drive motor, the unit is self-contained and the conveyor system completely enclosed. The machines have no external moving parts.

The conveyors use a continuous series of ceramic magnets to pick up and glide materials along the stainless steel slider plate. Material is discharged over the head end. Liquid-tight construction allows submersion in liquid sumps or tanks. The working face is self-cleaning, and excess fluids drain back into the tank.

The company's magnetic conveyors are suitable for machining and stamping operations that require continuous removal of small parts and scrap from tight spaces, at elevations up to 90 degrees, and from a liquid quench.

Standard models vary in shape from straight horizontal to multiple doglegs, including low-profile units in widths from 8 to 44 in., removing up to 10 tph. The units feature the Tuf-Trac™ internal track system.

Options include integral hoppers, tanks, discharge arrangements, variable-speed drives, demagnetizers, and rigidized or manganese slider plates.

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