Conveyors fit into tight spaces

September 14, 2004

Bunting Magnetics Co. manufactures a line of compact low-profile and special-purpose conveyors designed to reach into and operate in confined spaces around production machinery. Standard models are magnetic to provide continuous control of small to medium-sized ferrous parts and scrap even on inclines.

Standard low-profile conveyors require less than 2in. of clearance and are designed to withstand punch press and automated applications. Heavy-duty models are designed for extra-heavy loads, high belt speeds, and applications with heavily oiled materials.

A quick-change belt design minimizes belt replacement downtime and provides simple online tension and tracking adjustments. Options include individual and gang drives, specialized belts, floor supports, and side guards.

Standard medium-frame conveyors also are designed to be space-saving. Their standard frames measure 3 ½ in. high and 2 ¾ in. wider than their belts, which range from 2 to 36 in. in width. A variety of frame lengths, magnetic elements, drive motors, and height and incline adjustments and optional portability are available.

Magnetic lawnchair conveyors automate part and scrap removal from underneath machinery, eliminating manual handling of heavy totes and production line part and scrap overflow. A Z-shaped cantilevered design allows the unit's low-slung horizontal section to be positioned under punch presses and other machines to retrieve ferrous materials. Standard models have wheeled bases for portability. Skid-base models are available to fit under machines with exceptionally low chutes. Decreasing magnetic force at the discharge end provides smooth release of product and scrap.

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