Counterbalanced lift trucks feature customizable applications, ergonomics

December 11, 2007

Hyster Co.'s Fortis™ line of sit-down, counterbalanced lift trucks features customizable applications and ergonomics, a power-train design, industrial-strength electronics, good cooling, and enhanced hydraulics, the manufacturer states.

The lift trucks are available in cushion-tire (S80-120FT) and pneumatic-tire (H80-120FT) configurations, and in three preconfigured power-train bundles. Powered by a GM 4.3L V6 engine, the lift trucks' onboard Pacesetter VSM computers, patented DuraMatch transmission systems, and autodeceleration systems are used to optimize performance.

Features include repositioned foot pedals, an operator compartment designed to isolate vibrations and reduce fatigue, and adjustable operator settings. A CANbus communication system provides real-time diagnostics and reduces wiring and electrical connections. Onboard diagnostics and simplified access to serviceable parts reduce repair time and extensive part swapping, the company reports. The company offers users access to a parts availability program, in-depth operator training, and product customization for special applications.