Counterbalanced stacker works with any type pallet or skid

March 11, 2008

Presto Lifts Inc. offers the PowerStak™ counterbalanced stacker that works with any type pallet or skid and is suitable for servicing racks, loading and unloading trucks, feeding machinery, and other applications in which straddle legs could get in the way.

With a load capacity of 1,100 lbs., a 15-in. load center, and a 62-in. lift height, the powered stacker has a short, stable wheel base to maximize maneuverability in tight quarters on uneven floors and ramps. The tilt of the mast is adjustable. The unit's height is 82 in., its width 32 in.

The forks are 3 in. wide and 30 in. long. The handle puts all controls within easy reach. Forward- and reverse-drive thumb switches are located on both sides of the handle to accommodate left-handed or right-handed operation. An autoreversing "belly bump" switch protects operators from potential injury when walking the unit backward, while an automatic brake immediately halts travel when the stacker is reversed. The polyurethane drive wheel is fully shrouded to protect the operator's feet. Two 12-V batteries, designed for maintenance-free operation, power the unit. A 110-V, built-in charge also comes standard.

Options include load backrests, a deep-cycle battery, and forged forks.

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