Custom work platform designed for loading flatbed trailers

October 14, 2008

LPI® Lift Systems has introduced a large custom work platform used for loading flatbed trailers. The platform provides a fall prevention system and work area for staging the packing materials used in constructing shipping crates.

The platform measures 45 ft. long by 72 in. wide and extends from a lowered height of 5 ft. to a maximum raised height of 12 ft. 6 in. The platform's lift capacity is 1,500 lbs. The unit has two independent control stations, as well as a floor-mounted pedestal control station that includes an emergency stop, a Z-axis control for up and down movement, and a Y-axis control for the extension and retraction of platform movement.

In addition, the platform's selector switch secures the platform and determines whether the controls on the platform can be operated with a single station by one person or if they require two-station operation when more than one worker is on the platform. A safety rail running the length of the platform is mounted on its center rail to enable the attachment of fall-prevention lanyards.