Double sheet detector designed for earlier detection

August 10, 2004

Prime Controls Inc. has introduced the DS160 single-probe double sheet detector designed to provide early detection and permit quick reaction.

Suitable for use with stainless steel, aluminum foil, copper, and other nonferrous metals in robotic sheet handling, destackers, blank presses, and welding machines, the system uses a sensor installed within a destacking pickup mechanism. The detector measures a change in signal strength proportional to the thickness of nonferrous metal and permits noncontact detection at distances of 25 mm or more from the metal.

The system requires 120 or 240 V AC At 50 to 60 Hz. Calibration is accomplished by pressing a pushbutton switch with a single metal sheet in front of its probe. The system automatically calculates the double value and sets the reject threshold. Double metal detection de-energizes an internal form C output relay. The relay contact handles loads up to 10 amps at 240 V AC.

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