Flexible conveyor easily shortened or extended

December 11, 2007

Dorner's 5200 series Qwik conveyor allows users to modify the length and add or remove a curve to adjust to different applications.

Suitable for industrial, automation, and packaging applications, the conveyor comes in straights, curves, and cleats. A single user can shorten or extend the conveyor with just a few tools in as little as 10 minutes, the company reports. To shorten or lengthen the conveyor, the user removes the plastic-chain belt, cuts the conveyor with a saw to the desired length, removes the appropriate amount of belt links to fit the new length, and tightens the screws with an Allen wrench. To add length, the user removes the tail, inserts a new section of preordered frame, and tightens the conveyor with an Allen wrench. Users also can change a 90-degree curve from left to right without requiring additional components.

Features include a light-duty self-tapping screw slot designed to allow unlimited attachment possibilities; simplified integration of controls and accessories; air and wiring management systems; a contained belt designed to eliminate sag and reduce pinch points; and a patented sprocket alignment key for quick sprocket and belt alignment.

According to the company, the conveyor ships in five days. It is available 8 in. to 60 in. wide with a straight flat belt; 8 in. to 24 in. wide with a straight cleated belt; and 8 in. to 36 in. wide with a curve flat belt. Its load capacity is 1,000 lbs. on straights and 500 lbs. on curves.

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