Gravity flow rack has self-acting escapement

June 13, 2006

Lewco Inc. offers gravity flow racks with self-acting escapement.

The racks include two 15-ft. box loader conveyors that hold up eight baskets that are 36-in. wide by 21 in. deep by 22 in. high and weigh up to 770 lbs. each. Load elevation is 8 in., and unload elevation is 6 in.

At the unloading end is a -in. endstop that halts the baskets. The basket depresses a spring-operated paddle installed in each lane. Each paddle is mechanically linked to a pop-up blade stop that stops the next basket in line. When a forklift removes the end basket, the spring returns the paddle to the up position and the linkage lowers the pop-up blade, allowing the next basket to move to the end of the conveyor.

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