Jib cranes support indoor, outdoor applications

July 7, 2010

Jib cranes support indoor, outdoor applications - TheFabricator

Konecranes produces jib cranes for overhead lifting in production lines, workstations, machining cells, and warehouses. The cranes support indoor and outdoor applications and are used in customer segments from small workshops to assembly lines and nuclear plants.

An adjustable console bearing enables simplified beam adjustments during operation. This bearing helps minimize uncontrolled trolley and jib beam movements to reduce the risk of equipment damage and personnel injuries. It also simplifies horizontal beam adjustment during and after operation.

The cranes include an emergency-disconnect switch located on the pillar or wall, and the chain hoist has a separate emergency-stop button on the hoist pendant. Other standard features are manual jib slewing and push/pull trolleys.

Wall-mounted cranes can be mounted at any height on the wall or building columns where strength and true vertical alignment are possible. Freestanding cranes, supported by adjustable tension bolts to permit field adjustment, are fixed with a standard base plate or an optional large base plate for existing concrete floors or concrete foundation bolt cage.