Lifting device handles heavy material in confined spaces

November 10, 2009

A&H Eng. and Mfg. Inc. offers the Shop Lift™ device for handling heavy material in a confined space. Built to fit through most standard doorways, the unit can carry a payload up to 600 lbs. and deliver it to a machine, storage rack, pallet, loading bay, or onto a truck.

The device weighs 700 lbs. and measures 28 by 72 by 61 in. It is driven by a 12-V, electric-powered hydraulic pump with built-in battery and charger, so there is no odor from propane tanks and almost none of the noise associated with typical forklifts, the company says.

The unit features standard 18-in.-long steel forks with 9-in. load center, adjustable from 8 to 18 in. wide and with tilting to 15 degrees. It can elevate a load up to 51 in. off the floor, with a reach-in capacity of 28-in. forward extension.