Lifting magnets require minimal operating maintenance

November 11, 2008

SafeHold® RPL series permanent lifting magnets from Eriez® can lift and transfer steel and iron without slings, hooks, or cables, and without marring the surface. The magnets require minimal operating maintenance and allow users to lift more weight per volume of magnet, the company states.

Constructed with Erium™ 3000 rare-earth magnet material, the magnets feature a two-pole design. They can be used to handle both flat plates and round materials. The magnets turn on and off manually. Continuous power is supplied until they are turned off, and no DC power supply or batteries are required.

Five models are offered with maximum capacities from 300 lbs. to 7,000 lbs. on flat material and 150 lbs. to 1,750 lbs. on round material.

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