Material handling robot handles large, heavy parts

October 9, 2012

FANUC Robotics America has introduced the M-900iB/700 super-heavy-payload material handling robot. It has a 29.28-ft. horizontal reach and 0.77-ton payload capacity.

The robot can handle very large and heavy parts, such as aerospace and power train components, engines, truck and bus frames, various castings, molded parts, glass, and building materials, in a variety of applications including machine tending, material removal, part transfer, and other handling processes.

The robot remains in its position so it doesn’t move when force is applied. This is important for applications that require a high amount of accuracy, such as drilling, grinding, degating, and trimming. It operates with the company's latest R-30iB controller with integrated intelligent functions such as vision and integrated secondary control, Roboguide simulation, and DCS speed and position check software.

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