Mobile rig tests, certifies actual pull of magnets with lift capacity up to 17,600 lbs.

December 15, 2009

Walker Magnetics has introduced the mobile test rig for on-site testing of lifting magnets. The 6-ft.-tall stand is used to test and certify the actual pull of any magnet with a lift capacity up to 17,600 lbs.

The rig is suitable for shops with multiple lifting magnets that want to make sure their magnets are operating to design specifications, as well as for distributors that want to offer the testing service to customers.

When the operator activates a hand pump, the test rig pulls the magnet off the base plate in a controlled manner. The breakaway force of the magnet is measured by a strain gauge with a simple readout.

Another model is available for shops that want to test multiple magnets and need automated testing. It is designed to tie into a computer to provide a printout of the serial number and pull test results on the magnets tested.

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